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Business Synopsis

Sustainable Community Advocates (SCA) was established to assist clients with the development and advocacy of strategies, initiatives, action plans, and project delivery designed to support and ensure the sustainability of communities and regions. We recognize that sustainability requires the balanced integration of environmental, economic, and community-based solutions to successfully address the needs, goals, and challenges of the 21st century. Our services are based on this important understanding.

SCA Services
Engagement with Regional and Local Planning

SCA Principal, Steve Teshara, has extensive experience in both regional and local planning in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee region. He assisted clients during the development of the TRPA Regional Plan Update (RPU) and the companion Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) adopted by the Agency’s Governing Board in December 2012. Steve is now active in the local government process of developing and implementing “Area Plans” consistent with RPU Code Chapter 13. These include plans in Douglas County, City of South Lake Tahoe, Placer County, and El Dorado County (Meyers). For 2017, he is also active in shaping adoption and implementation of the Regional Transportation update (Linking Tahoe), as well as the Lake Tahoe Transit Master Plan, a short-range transit plan, and transportation corridor plans for the region. Steve is also assisting clients engaged in TRPA strategic planning initiatives, including the Development Rights Working Group.

Many businesses, organizations and others realize they have a stake in the outcome of Tahoe’s regional and local planning processes. However, most do not have the staff, background or time to participate in a sustained and consistent manner that will positively influence outcomes. SCA Principal can provide this service, based on a specific negotiated Scope of Work and Contract for Services, customized for the client.

Project Advocacy and Delivery
Visioning, planning, developing, funding and delivering projects are a challenging task in today’s complex environment. Steve Teshara has successfully navigated a variety of projects from start to finish. These include community-based initiatives, transportation, transit, multi-use trails, forest health, watershed restoration, and other projects, providing leadership and advocacy as part of a team approach to success. SCA provides services to clients based on a customized Scope of Work and Contract.

Community Sustainability Initiatives
The State of California and the federal government have policies in place that encourage, in some cases require, local governments and regions to prepare and adopt sustainable community strategies. With adoption of the 2012 Regional Transportation Plan and plans, such strategies are required at Lake Tahoe. These strategies are designed to integrate land use, transportation, housing, infill development, economic revitalization, and conservation and energy efficiency initiatives that can transform communities and create long-term sustainability and prosperity. These directions create opportunities for business and community organizations. SCA develops strategies and offers grant writing, public outreach, and related services in support of sustainability action initiatives and plans.

Writing and Editing
SCA offers writing and editing services for planning, project development, and advocacy activities. SCA Principal, Steve Teshara, has successfully partnered with a variety of agencies, organizations, and other consultants in the development and completion of such activities. Among SCA’s most recent writing and editing projects: the Final Report of the Bay to Tahoe Basin Recreation and Tourism Travel Impact Study (October 2014), the Lake Tahoe Community Wildfire Protection Plan (August 2015), and the North Lake Tahoe Express Airport Shuttle Business Plan Update (November 2015).

Public and Media Relations – Community Engagement
Steve Teshara began his career as a working journalist, and, over the years, has served as a public and media relations specialist for both employers and clients. He brings over 30 years of experience in important areas of media relations and community engagement to the needs of SCA clients.

Basic Rate Schedule
The basic billing rate for the services of the SCA Principal is $120.00 per hour. SCA publishes this rate, subject to adjustment, based on project circumstances such as duration, scale, complexity, and risk of the expected effort. The basic hourly rate is also adjustable for those hours necessary for travel, as may be agreed to by the client and SCA. SCA also takes on long-term efforts on a retainer basis. Certificates of Insurance and policy endorsements are provided to clients as required. A list of experiences and references pertinent to a project proposal or projects accepted will be provided upon request.

Sustainable Community Advocates is a Nevada-based Partnership, duly registered with the office of the Nevada Secretary of State. Steve Teshara is the Principal. Penny Teshara serves as Business Manager.